Saturday, December 16, 2017

It's Snarkurday!

Charlie Sheen is suing the Enquirer over their story that, on the set of 1986’s Lucasthen-19-year-old Charlie Sheen raped then-13-year-old Corey Haim.

It all broke when former actor Dominick Brascia told the Enquirer that Sheen was the predator hinted at in a Radar story that ran In September. Dominick—who has also been accused of molesting Haim—says Corey claimed Sheen coerced him into smoking weed and having anal sex. The Enquirer also claims that various “sources” told them that Corey wasn’t Charlie’s only alleged victim, and that Sheen inspired Corey’s subsequent drug abuse, which led to his early death at 38.

And so naturally, Charlie Sheen is the Enquirer and releasing this statement:
“In my nearly 35 years as a celebrated entertainer, I have been nothing shy of a forthright, noble and valiant courier of the truth. Consistently admitting and owning a laundry list of shortcomings, wrongdoings and indiscretions this traveler hath traveled — however, every man has a breaking point. … “These radically groundless and unfounded allegations end now. I now take a passionate stand against those who wish to even entertain the sick and twisted lies against me. GAME OVER.”
Sheen is suing the Enquirer, Enquirer executive Dylan Howard, and Dominick Brascia for “defamation and false light” and claiming that Dylan only published the story because the Enquirer couldn’t break the story that Sheen is HIV+.

It’s all icky; Sheen ALLEGEDLY raping Haim; other boys molesting Haim; Sheen’s pronouncement of how honorable a man he is.

Yeah, I think that’s the most insane part of the story.
I wasn’t so surprised to see Dustin Hoffman “outed” as a sexual predator, groper, abuser. I’d read a story about how he treated Meryl Streep on the set of Kramer v Kramer and he’s a pig. But I was surprised, somewhat, at many women he abused physically, verbally and emotionally over the years, and how many women’s careers and lives were nearly ruined because of it.

Cases in point: Anna Graham Hunter was seventeen when she worked with Hoffman in 1985 and says Hoffman harassed her and assaulted her on a daily basis. And, in 1991, he did the same thing with playwright Wendy Riss Gatsiounis.

Last week, when John Oliver simply asked Hoffman for an explanation regarding what these women, and others, have said, Hoffman got pissy, defensive and claimed he’d never met Anna Graham Hunter.  And then he used his role in Tootsie as the reason he could never be a pig because he played the character onscreen and loves women and would never!

And yet now others have come forward, like Kathryn Rossetter, who costarred with Hoffman in Death of a Salesman on Broadway and on TV, who says she auditioned for Death of a Salesman because she admired Hoffman as an actor and was thrilled that he pushed for her to get the part. But, when rehearsals began, Hoffman got her into his hotel room and demanded a back rub; she says she gave him a “lame” back rub that ended when the maid interrupted them. When the play began, however, the harassment and assault intensified:
“Since they loved my laugh, it was decided that I would stand in the wings … and laugh on cue in a memory scene. … That scene led directly into the scene in the second act with Dustin and me in the hotel room and Biff walking in on us. My costume was a vintage slip, no bra, garter belt and stockings. The wing space was limited, so directly behind me was a chair where Dustin would sit … One night in Chicago, I felt his hand up under my slip on the inside of my thighs. I was completely surprised and tried to bat him away while watching the stage for my cues. After the show he was busy with the producer and director so I had no access to him to address it. It then happened almost every show. Six to eight shows a week … One night he actually started to stick his fingers inside me. … I withdrew and got depressed … How could the same man who fought to get me the job, who complimented my work, who essentially launched my career, who gave me the benefit of his wisdom as an actor, how could he also be this sexual power abuser?”
Perhaps because he felt a sense of ownership over a woman because he “helped’ or maybe it’s just because he’s a pig; at any rate …
“The groping continued. After the shows at parties, whenever he had a picture taken with me, he would put his arm around my rib cage and then grab my breast just before they snapped the picture and then remove it. He was very skilled at dropping his hand just as the picture snapped to avoid it being recorded. … Only by luck do I have one such picture — where the camera caught him in the act. A picture I had taken with hopes of sending it to my family. A millisecond in time. There I am — big smile and my arm moving toward his with the intention to push it away. But caught as it is, it seems I’m complicit with the gesture. I was not. Not ever.”
Rossetter says one night Hoffman told crew members he was going to assault her and they all gathered backstage to watch him pull down her slip and reveal her breasts.

Pig. But there may be revenge, in a way that would hurt an ego like Tiny Dustin the most; he has a new film coming out and there was … was … talk of an Oscar nomination. Maybe this story will stop that.

Again. Pig.
More pig? Mario Batali.

It seems that Batali is “stepping away” from his empire, as well as ABC’s The Chew, on the heels of several allegations of sexual misconduct.

Four women have accused Batali of sexual harassment and assault spanning nearly 20 years; a female chef ALLEGES that a drunk Batali offered her a job, then groped her breasts; two other his female former employees have accused him of grabbing and groping them,; a third woman says he groped her breasts at a party.

Batali didn’t deny the allegations, but said:
“I apologize to the people I have mistreated and hurt. Although the identities of most of the individuals mentioned in these stories have not been revealed to me, much of the behavior described does, in fact, match up with ways I have acted. That behavior was wrong and there are no excuses. I take full responsibility and am deeply sorry for any pain, humiliation or discomfort I have caused to my peers, employees, customers, friends and family.”
Apparently, he’s desperate to save his “empire,” which may be difficult as more stories come out.
Hannibal Buress made his mark in Miami last week, but not the way he would have liked, I’m guessing.

Buress, ALLEGEDLY red-eyed and booze-scented, was leaving an Art Basel event and asked a police officer to call him an Uber. When the cop refused, Buress ALLEGEDLY got “angry and belligerent”—and, perhaps, a little “Don’t you know who I am?”—but walked back inside the venue with the officer following.

The officer thought Buress too drunk to be inside, so he asked him several times to leave; finally, after Buress stepped outside the officer again told him … five times … to leave the area five times, and he declined, and began shrieking profanities, and was arrested.

A witness filmed his arrest, and Hannibal did not go peacefully; he demanded to know what he was being arrested for… um, smell your breath …and when he was told he was being collared for trespassing, he didn’t take kindly to that reason. So, the officers put his drunk ass in the car and added disorderly intoxication to the trespassing charge.

I really wanted to hear him say “Don’t you know who I am?’ So someone, anyone, might respond, “Tracey Morgan? Kevin Hart? My waiter at Carrabas?”

Then Buress would really go off. Still, he had his mugshot taken at Glamour Shots, or so it seems.
So, Kevin Spacey. Before all the groping of young boys became news to everyone, Spacey was cast in a showy role in All The Money In The World.

But when the sexually assaulted boys began talking, Ridley Scoot, the director of the film, which was finished at the time, decided to spend $10 million reshooting all of Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer taking over. Even other actors in the scenes, like Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg came back to the movie to film with Plummer, and this week … thanks to Karma … Christopher Plummer was nominated for a Golden globe for his part in the film.

Clearly, since the film won’t come out until Christmas Day, who else besides Scott and some editors saw Plummer’s performance? I mean, is he so great that he gets a nod for a film no one has seen, or is it clap-back at Spacey.

Yeah, clap-back.
What’s the newest, bestest, fastest way to improve ratings for a morning show?

Maybe having one of your cohosts fired for being handsy.

Yup, NBC’s Today Show is riding a ratings tidal wave since Matt Lauer was canned for being a pervert an is even outperforming Good Morning America.

How long until ABC gets a scandal of its own? I wonder, because after Charlie Rose’s sexual assault allegations, the rating for CBS This Morning are still in the tank, so maybe it’s not the story but the fact that Matt Lauer’s smug face is off TV.
I loved that they’ve rebooted Will & Grace this year, and I am mildly interested in the upcoming reboot of Roseanne, but there are some shows that, well, should never have appeared on a TV screen in the first place.


Blossom ran for five seasons on NBC and focused on the title character, a flowery hat wearing Blossom Russo, played by Mayim Bialik and her Dad, Ted Wass, and brothers Tony, Michael Stoyanov, and Joey, played by Joey Lawrence. And it’s Lawrence who’s been pushing for a reboot of the show, saying:
“There’s been serious talk about [a revival], believe it or not. Mayim and I have both said we’d be into it. We’ve talked to Don Reo about it, who created it. If there’s a way in, then I think we’re all down for it.”
Sure, Joey wants a Blossom reunion because what else is he doing? I mean, Mayim is appearing on a real hit show, Big Bang Theory and so does anyone think she’d give up that job for a second shot at Blossom?

The long and short answers are both ‘No.’

 Sorry Joey, take a seat.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Just A Thought

I Didn't Say It

Oscar Isaac, actor, and, yes, Husband In My Head, about the rumored gay romance between his Star Wars character Poe and John Boyega’s character Finn:

“What it means to me is that people can see themselves in a hero like this, in a movie like this, which I love. Not only LGBT, but Latinos. That there’s a representation out there for that. As to actually seeing how that manifests itself in Poe in this film, that isn’t necessarily going to be a clear story point in this one. But as an actor, I’m very open to those possible storylines and I don’t think it needs to be nailed down in any traditional way.”

Um, Isaac, if you need any help rehearsing those kinds of scenes, call me?
Sarah Paulson, one of my favorite actors, on her relationship with 74-year-old Holland Taylor, another of my faves, on being warned to keep their love a secret: but choosing instead to celebrate it when she won an Emmy:

“It occurred to me, should I not do that? And then I thought, why would I not? The fact I’m having this thought is wrong. But I had a moment of societal concern; wondering if, maybe, people who didn’t know that about me would be like, wait, what? But then, you know, I did it anyway. My life choices are, um, unconventional. I’m with a much older person, and people find that totally fascinating and odd, and, to me, it’s the least interesting thing about me.”

It’s love, and who cares; and who’s business is it anyway?
Laura Ingraham, Fox News loon, is concerned about the #MeToo movement, though not for the victims but for, well, let her tell you:

“Is the #MeToo movement becoming a spoiler for this season’s Christmas parties? I can see this year it might be — a little less festive, let’s say that. No alcohol and no fun and no lampshades and, I don’t know, maybe that’s better. Is this just killing all the fun of Christmas?”

Yeah, thanks to the victims of sexual assault men won’t be drinking as much this year and assaulting women.
Laura Ingraham, another asshat from Fox.
Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, says that women who accuse someone of sexual misconduct deserve to be heard, even if it involves _____:

“I know that he was elected, but women should always feel comfortable coming forward. And we should all be willing to listen to them. Women who accuse anyone should be heard. They should be heard and they should be dealt with, and I think …  any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way, they have every right to speak up.”

Every once in a while Nikki gets it right, though a little bit late, but still, right.
Jake Tapper, on _____’, the biggest liar of all, calling the media liars:

“You might find it hard to believe, but the _____ White House today said it is wrong when people put out information they know to be incorrect in an attempt to mislead the republic. That’s right, the White House, run by the president who came to political prominence by promoting the lie that the first African-American president was born in Africa, is finding time to take issue with those who mislead people. The White House, run by the president who said with no evidence that crowds of American Muslims were seen on TV celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11. The man who repeated the ludicrous claim that Ted Cruz’s father had something to do with the Kennedy assassination, and the man who said with no evidence there were 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes for Hillary Clinton.”

And this is just the tiniest bit of his lies. As I told the Fat Bastard on Twitter, we know he’s lying whenever his lips are flapping.
And that, my friends, is the truth.
Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, on Roy Moore and that special Senate election in Alabama this week:

“The people’s choices are Democrat Doug Jones and a poorly written villain from a f**king Dukes of Hazzard episode. Even when you take into account that the man that they’re replacing is a f**king Hobbit from an alternate universe where JRR Tolkien owns slaves, Roy Moore is an unbelievable bag of sh*t. He’s a judge who’s been kicked off the bench twice for refusing to do his job, he’s taken money from his own non-profit, he’s openly admitted that he thinks the last time America was great was before the Civil War, he thinks all legislation should be drafted by Jesus, and he presumably believes that the Devil invented dinosaurs and gay people.”

I know Crowder was being funny, but these are all things Roy Moore believes and Alabama and the US Senate dodged a bullet thanks to Black women..
Cory Booker, Democratic Senator from New jersey, on _____’s assault on the LGBTQ community with the Colorado Masterpiece Cakeshop case:

"There’s many of us that are hoping the Supreme Court — like it did with marriage equality, like it’s done in discrimination cases facing African-Americans in the past — will do the right thing. No one should be able to discriminate against folks. At restaurants or businesses, I don’t want to see that treatment being done to anyone in this country. When one American is under attack, when one American is facing discrimination, we need to understand that’s an assault on all Americans.”

Booker has vowed to push for action in Congress if the court rules with baker Jack Phillips.
Hot LGBTQ ally.
Joe Biden, who lost his son Beau to the same type of cancer as John McCain, comforted McCain’s daughter Meghan on The View as she talked about the condition:

“There is hope, and if anyone can make it, your dad. Her dad is one of my best friends. We’re like two brothers who were somehow raised by two different fathers or something because of our points of view. But I know, and I mean this sincerely, even when your dad got mad at me, saying I should get the hell off the ticket, remember what I said about your dad? I said, I know if I picked up the phone tonight and called John McCain and said, ‘I’m at Second and Vine in Oshkosh and I need your help, come,’ he’d get on a plane and come, and I would for him, too…I swear, guys, we’re going to beat this damn disease.”

Perhaps, as president, he could work some magic in this area?
Just sayin’.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bobservations ... Formerly Random Musings

I like the title Bobservations more than Random Musings, so I changed it. It’s my blog and I can do it if I choose.
Ari Behn, who was married to Princess Märtha Louise of Norway from 2002 to 2016, has added his name to the list of men groped by Kevin Spacey whom he met at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2007. He says Spacey suggested they step outside for a cigarette and …
“Then he touched me right on the balls under the table.”
Behn said that he replied, “Eh, maybe later,” and that was the end of the encounter.

Until … later?
Nick and Sarah Jensen, that married Christian couple who pledged to divorce if same sex marriage was legalized in Australia will not go ahead with it because it would require them to separate from one another.

Uh, duh. That’s why they call it divorce. But Nick now says:
“My previous public comments regarding civil divorce never envisaged me separating from my wife, but rather our marriage from the State. The legislation currently makes it untenable for us to do this under the law. The point we were highlighting and that still stands however is the fact that a redefinition of marriage changes the agreement under which we were originally married. We will be making no further comment.”
Should have never made a comment in the first place.
Fresh from The Swamp News … Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spent $14,000 on government helicopters to accommodate his attendance at a swearing-in ceremony for Greg Gianforte, his replacement in Congress, and a horseback ride with Vice President Mike Pence.

So, we paid $14,000 so Zinke could kiss the ass of a supporter, who gave $16,000 to Zinke’s two congressional runs, and so he could have a man-date with Pence?

The swamp is filling up rather than draining …
CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Ted Crockett, Roy Moore’s probably now unemployed spokesman, if Moore believes, as he did in 2005, that homosexuality should be illegal, and Crockett said:
“Homosexuality is a sin in the biblical sense.
Luckily Jake wasn’t playing:
“Does he think homosexual conduct should be illegal? It’s a yes or no question."
Crockett replied:
And to think that could have gone to the US Senate. Thanks Alabama!
And speaking of anti-gay Alabaman asshats, a woman, identified only as McKenna, refused to go ahead with a maternity photo shoot after she discovered the photographer is gay. McKenna canceled the session after seeing a pride flag on photographer Faith Grace’s Instagram account and instantly got her homophobic fingers to text Faith:
“Hi Faith! This is McKenna from last night. I was reaching out to you about maternity photos. I went through your personal Instagram account to get your photography business account and on your personal page I saw that you had a pride flag. Are you gay or do you have family that’s gay?”
Faith replied:
“No one in my fam is gay but I am—that’s why I have it on my account”
And McKenna said:
 “I see, OK, well don’t worry about the photos then. I don’t want someone who’s gay to take my pictures. It’s just not right. I’m against it and the last thing I need is to allow my 5 year old child to think that being gay is OK/right because I don’t want them to be influenced by people like you. I’m sorry that you think this lifestyle is OKAY and acceptable. Take care, Faith.”
But I guess McKenna wants her child and unborn family to grow up in hate.
CNN news anchor Don Lemon was the news story and not the reporter this week when the Fat Bastard attacked him on Twitter after the New York Times reported that _____ “hate watches” CNN. _____ Tweeted that the Times’s story was “fake news” and that he never watches Lemon, and even said he once referred to him as the “dumbest man on television.”

Not entirely true, because in 2015 _____ Tweeted this:
Great interview tonight @donlemon - very professionally done.”
Liar says what?

In other Lemon news, the anchor echoed the sentiments of most of the nation Monday night after Roy Moore’s wife, Kayla, said the couple could not be anti-Semitic because they have a Jewish attorney.

After playing the clip-on CNN Monday night, Lemon said, “Wow,” before bowing his head and giving a wry chuckle at Moore’s inarticulate reasoning. But Lemon’s guest, political analyst Mark Preston wasn’t done, and asked Lemon:
“Don, do you consider me a friend by any chance?”
Lemon said ‘Yes,’ and Preston sarcastically responded:
“I can say I have a black friend now. I’m very, very excited.”
Yeah, racist anti-Semite and kicked to the curb …
On to fashion …. apparently Ralph Lauren is depressed—no seriously—and so he recently unveiled a wrinkled dress shirt stained with marinara sauce as part of his new ready-to-wear fall line, saying:
"I designed this shirt because no matter how hard I try, I can never be happy. I try and try and try, but these days I can never seem to… It doesn't matter anymore. It just doesn't matter. That's what this shirt is about, I guess. It’s particularly good for walking on the beach alone at 2 a.m. and wondering if you should just let the tide take you away forever."
He added that he didn’t think the shirt deserved   to be photographed.

Too bad; that’s the shirt, featuring a missing button, garlic and body odor infused right into the cotton weave, and a cigarette burn across the unraveling embroidery of a Polo logo, the new shirt is part of Lauren's recently launched “Fuck It, Just Fuck Everything" line.

Seriously. This is not a joke and I have decided to sell a pair of pants I once pooped in on eBay as part of my “Who Gives A Shit? I Give A Shit” line.

Is it a joke? Maybe .....
I never watched The Apprentice because even back then I thought _____ was a piece of sh*t. But I did hear about the show’s villain, Omarosa Manigault Newman. And yet I was still surprised to learn that Omarosa earned some $180,000 working in _____’s White House though not many could say what it was she does ... er, did.

See, apparently Omarosa was “physically dragged” from the White House after being fired as a presidential adviser. We do know that her departure comes shortly after it was revealed she showed up at the White House with her bridal party for a surprise photo shoot — only to be banned from posting pictures publicly due to “security and ethical concerns.”

Folks are saying it was General Kelly who gave Omarosa her marching orders just last night; Omarosa was very upset and wanted to speak to _____ but Kelly said ____ knew she was getting ousted and signed off on it.

And then, god love it, Omarosa started cursing like a madwoman and then tried to get inside the presidential residence, which was when security came and dragged her ass off.

Wow. So why do you think this got so ugly? Something going on between the Fat Bastard and Omarosa, or did he find out she was one of the Black women who voted for Doug Jones?

Either way, the image of her getting dragged off property makes me smile. Bye Felicia.
We watched Rabbit Hole, starring my BFF Nikki Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, a film about parents dealing with grief over the loss of a child. Quite good; Kidman was good and I was reminded that Eckhart is a very good actor.

And hot …

Just sayin’.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: Tudor In Rye

The renovation-addition of this Tudor style home in Rye, New York takes the best about what’s old and twists it into new; and, while maximizing the habitable use of the site, the addition responds to the original parameters of the home and preserves its character and history within the neighborhood.

In addition to the restoring original stucco and timber façade, a new wood-clad entryway was added; this new material appears again as the cladding on the minimalist, abstract box that extends from the rear of the home. This box, a simple rectangle, contrasts and compliments the original Tudor, post and beam gable structure.

The addition is wrapped in a dark, charcoal-stained cedar skin, mimicking the colors found on the existing façade. The new addition creates a new family room and mudroom on the first floor, and a spacious master suite above; a glass stairwell was built between the existing house and the addition, creating a “white space” allowing natural light to filter through to the rooms on each side. The wood, steel, and glass staircase was hung from the existing chimney. The interior is light, bright, modern and open, with rooms full of light and views to the outdoors.

I like this new Twist on Tudor.

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